Saturday, March 10, 2012

Becoming Umbro

Umbro, by Leslee Hare

[Umbro.... umbro... umbro...

umbro... talya... umbro...

are you there, umbro?]


Circle E



[Umbro, are you there?]

I am Troy, you only need to ask.

[May I borrow?]

Yes you may.

[So my understanding is that we need to learn how to manipulate the systems of the Tulya, is that correct?]


[How do I do that?]

The Tulya has given you some basic instruction. Try querying her now.

[Tulya: engine - operational]

[Tulya: navigation systems - operational]

[Tulya: defensive systems - operational ]

[Tulya: healing systems - operational, we are currently working on someone]

[Tulya: structural systems - operational, we are connected to many ]

(Umbro) So you see Troy there are many systems to choose from.

[can I see what you see?]

Yes, you can feel what I feel...

[That's very strange... I can see your hands when I close my eyes. When I open and close my hands, your hands open and close. You have light blue skin, thin fingers.]

Yes Troy. Move forward.

(moving forward... I can see a triangular wall with a black window and an alcove, with a couch next to the window. I look out of the window and I see a tree on the other side of it...)

(Umbro) This is our environmental system, which is in fact a micro-environment. Organic in nature, completely self-sustaining, and aware, just as it is on your planet.

[Can we move the ship closer to Earth?]

You may, once others have joined you on the Tulya. Sasha has already noted some activity. There will be others, I feel.

[Well... I'm not familar with the Tulya... where should we go next? Can you show me the systems relating to navigation?]

This way...

Touch the panel, you should be familiar with this...

(I see a black panel, about the size of a touchpad, it has a single red square in it.)

[I'm sorry Umbro I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here... can I get the ship to go anywhere? Can I see where we are now?]

Ask the ship.

[Tulya, where are we now, in relation to my earth and my dimension?]

(Tulya: we are in the fifth dimension, near Saturn.)

[Tulya, where are you in relation to where I am physically?]

(Tulya: I am near Saturn, I am currently cloaked.)

[Tulya, can you move to Earth?]

(Tulya: more crew members are needed for this maneuver.)

[Thank you Tulya, it would be nice to see you here.]

(Tulya: We would like to see you too, Troy. Thank you.)

(Umbro): If it is your wish, we can facilitate the process. Your intuition is correct.. you may use our names to connect with us at any time. It is perhaps not as exclusive as you may expect, but you have a very accurate view of the underlying system. You may contact any of us, you only need to ask, and we will be happy to work with you.

[Thank you Umbro, so this means I can connect with anyone on the ship in the same way I connected with you?]

(Umbro): That is correct. But you have surmised correctly that it may be easier to connect initially with some than others from a frequency perspective. This is sort of like a gateway, once the gateway is opened you can come and go as you please. Borrowing would prefer permission, but you may still connect with our thoughts at any time. Sometimes we understand that lack of permission is required for the situation, but I don't expect this will happen often.

[Thank you Umbro, I should go now]

(Umbro) You are busy now, there is much to be done... I understand. Very close now, another few months. Maybe more. That is only my sense at this time. Inner Earth beckons...

[Good night Umbro, you may facilitate the process.]

Good night Troy, it is an honor to connect.


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