Thursday, March 22, 2012


[channeled/focused by Dreamwalker |]

OcaTAwa… ocaTAwa… ocaTAwa…

There is a universal love that comes from all galactic ships. We surround the planet at this time with our love, because she too is a galactic ship. It is simply that from your point of view the journey is somewhat fixed and static but this is not the case. It is simply another point of view that the journey is required to take on a certain pattern, much like any other growth pattern in your universe. The tree grows from a seed, it sprouts leaves and then branches, branching out with more branches, buds in the spring, flowers, pollinates, fruits, seeds. A cycle, a framework of growth. It is the same cycle with an extended time frame.

So we are all here waiting for those of you who wish to join us. You will find warmth and teamwork, love and support for your new ideas that you bring to us. We enjoy the journey – the destination is an equal part of a larger journey with you.

There are many elemental ships in your universe. You are correct in thinking that the dimensional rules apply to each layer. A ship that supports 3-dimensional beings must follow the 3-dimensional rules. This is why Galactic Light Ships are multi-dimensional. It is so we can support many forms of life in different dimensions. This is also why we may appear very differently depending on which dimension you encounter us in. It is the same ship, different material makeup. Stone, water, air, fire, etheric. Organic, metallic, energetic.

Image Credit: OcaTaWa by Leslee Hare

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