Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaia, the Cradle of Civilization, and the Process of Manifestation 101

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker |

Why is Gaia known as "mother"? Because she is as you have correctly surmised the mother of several civilizations throughout the galaxy. She is an incubator planet for those civilizations. They know that they learned a great deal from their time on her, and they remember this, and therefore maintain the quarantine for your civilization to honor their own path through "time" as they knew it. You are now on the cusp of joining these civilizations. And Gaia has in fact delayed her own ascension through divine providence and determination in order to hold the door open for your own civilization. You are a new kind of path and so this is the time for her to step through the door as well, as it is her desire to ascend in the manner that your civilization ascends, not through chaos/destruction, but through chaos/ creation. And through chaos/creation this means creative thought. Physical embodiment of manifestation through the gates of ascension.

Other civilizations have had other "flavors" of ascension. It was their choice to experience this as destruction, or as love, or as hate, or as oblivion (void), and they remember their own experience fondly, not with regret or remorse, because this was their turn through the gate. And there will be elements of each of these within your own experience, some of which you have already experienced, but the "majority" of the experience will be through the process of creativity. An interesting choice. And so dawns the age of Aquarius.

If you think of the yin/yang symbol and how the majority of duality includes white or black, but each includes a small portion of the other, this is how the scenario plays out for you... you have seen how some have passed through the gateway in death, this was their choice to experience it in this way. Others have passed through in love, or hate, this is their choice as well. To experience the gateway through creativity has been a minority up until this point. So the majority of your civilization, for those who choose to experience it, will pass through in this way.

Do not fear the unknowable because you are creating each second of each minute of each hour of each day. It is your day to create. Or it is your second to create however you wish. You may choose to enjoy that second or not, forget it or remember it, it is all your choice. So to fear the thing which you yourself create, now and in the future, is only fearing that which you don't already know. Since you are creating it, you already know what you don't know, because you created it. You are discovering what you don't know only because you are creating that which you don't know, so that you can once again know and experience it. You created that dog... do you appreciate that you created him? He is reflecting the love you have for all-that-is. The more love you can contain, the more love will be reflected. It is an easy thing to work with because it is one of the very basic elements that exists throughout the universe. It was here before there was anything else.

Working with other elements of the universe can be more challenging because they are further removed from the source elements: void, light, love, chaos. Can you visualize that cup in front of you in these terms? Electrons and atoms are expressions of these fundamental elements. The thing you see in front of you is a complex abstraction of source. It is, from one perspective, a direct representation of source, but it is more than just atoms and electrons; it is a representation of all that went into it up until this point. Your drinking from the cup. The man who created the machine that made the cup. The person who packaged the cup and shipped it to its destination. The person who gifted you this cup, and his life up until that point. All is embodied within the cup, so you see this is why is it a representation of all-that-is, in a directly similar way to how the Akashic record is a representation of all-that-is.

From a manifestation standpoint, you simply have to visualize the cup's position within the formula void light love chaos. Quantum physics is slowly catching up to this formula. Energy equals mass times acceleration is a direct representation of the dualistic creation, but is simply a reflection of the end result of the formula of manifestation. If you shattered that cup on the floor, how easy would it be to recreate that cup from the pieces? It would be similar, but it would be a different cup. You might not even be able to use it to drink coffee! But to create the source of the cup will yield an identical cup, because it is the creational source of that cup. It is the zero point from which everything extends outwards, both past present and future.

Do not be concerned with the details of time. It usually works itself out, around the zero point to which that object is created. You would think that a duplicate timeline would be created for the object that is created, but this is not the case. Rather, the timeline is created from the placement of the cup in time/space. So from "now" forward the cup will have its own history.

More will follow.

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