Friday, March 9, 2012

Goth Woman

I have been experimenting with the time that I go to sleep, the last few days I'm starting to get tired a lot earlier than normal. Going to bed at around 11:00 seems to be the "sweet spot" in terms of remembering dreams for me.

I did my "wings" meditation without expressing any other intent.

Last night I dreamed that I was at a party and talking to a woman who dressed gothic (like a vampire). White face with black makeup (black eye shadow and lipstick), black lace dress. Quite pretty. It was a strange experience because I was saying to her "hey I remember you!" But I couldn't remember her because I had never seen her before (but in my dream I had!). And I had trouble recognizing her because she was wearing makeup.

My younger son had a vampire dream too, except in his dream it was a vampire hot dog wiener, he said it was kind of scary. He said it was kind of like Annoying Orange.

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  1. Hey, DW! I'm popping over to see if I'm missing anything... I haven't had much time for reading, Commenting or posting this week, so much is going on! I think I dreamed about a party recently too... Am still working with the Tulya crew - have you manages to connect with them further? Gotta run, but hopefully we can catch up over the weekend. See ya! Leslee