Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conversation With Maureen, Dream Followup

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker |

[Hi Mareen, you wanted to chat?]

I did Troy, how are you doing?

[I'm doing fine, how are you? How is the Aeterna doing?]

We are both fine, Troy... you visited our fleet last night through astral travel. It is not required to physically be located inside the craft in space while you are travelling in the astral realms, you know.

[Can I ask you who the woman is I've been meeting every Saturday night? ]

This is someone who you know quite well. One of the tasks before you is to learn her name. This is giving you control. She is assisting with the lifting of your spirit. We are taking it slow but this is her role at this time. Remember that your brain may translate this to other kinds of experiences. These experiences are not to be feared. Metaphorical and very real, probably enjoyable to you at this time. Love in its purest form the human mind cannot handle. Smaller doses are required. If it is too much for you simply ask and we will scale back the experience.

[Can you show me what's really happening?]

I already have, Troy - you and I had a chat on the Aeterna. Did you like my outfit? A white space suit, very comfortable, to protect my physical form. Your form in astral travel is light. Yet we can see you when you are here and interact with you, and you have created a "light body" that is very close to your physical form. So you can interact with us in human form, just as you see in your dreams.

[Can you give me any indication of additional timelines? Goals, perhaps, of what is to come?]

This is entirely in your hands. Individually and collectively, in different ways. Remember that an individual can create and so can a collective. If you wish a ship such as the Tulya to materialize in or "on" your world, you have the ability and power to make it materialize. You may have to learn the systems first, but I know you can do it.

Might I suggest this be the focus of your next dreamflight. Umbro has hinted at such a thing, that perhaps an attempt could be made to give humanity a bit of a new perspective.

Work it out amongst your friends, they will know what to do.

[Thank you, Maureen, I will. I will also try as you suggest with the woman I'm meeting. Goodnight, and thank you!]

Goodnight, Troy



In my dream, I remember spending the day with the same blonde woman I've seen for the last 2 Saturday nights. In this dream, I remember being at a car dealership, we were looking at different cars. I don't remember what they looked like, although I recall many were sports cars from the 50's and 60's. I don't remember if we were there to buy a new car, or were simply browsing... I don't think we were there with the intent to buy a car. I feel that these cars were a metaphor for the Galactic Light Ship Fleet that we have created. So a car lot is similar in a way to a collection of space ships.

An additional idea I had was that most space ships depicted in the media are not made of metal as we often assume, since things that are most familiar to us used for transportation (cars, for example) are made of metal. In fact, galactic space ships in most cases, depicted in the media, are made of stone and rock. It is as if an ancient stone temple was placed in space and given an engine, life support, and navigation systems.

Smaller ships may be made of metal, larger ships typically are not, because it is easier to create them from stone.

Some ancient temples on earth were created using the same process used to create a space ship.

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