Monday, March 5, 2012

Galactic Light Ship Tulya

[channeled/ focused by Dreamwalker | ]

[Sasha, Tulya, I am here if you wish to chat...]

... Galactic Light Ship Tulya reporting. We are many. Our systems have been functioning for a very long time. You are correct that a "Light Ship" as you call it is a collection of energy that includes consciousness, recognized on a benign level, you become more attuned to the proceedings of the ship's systems which do include this intelligent energy. We simply work together in harmony much like the collective consciousness of a Galaxy might work in harmony. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We speak as many, not as one, but as a collective, the sum of the whole is greater than the parts.

If you were to interact with the ship, you do not need a control panel to do so. You simply need to tune into the system you wish to ask it, query the system, and it will report back on its status. There is much information you can gain this way. You can also issue instructions to these systems. In human terms there are specialists to communicate or become more "in tune" with certain specialized systems, developing a special bond with that system, much in the same way that you would develop a special bond with a dog or a cat. In this way you can gain a better understanding of that particular system.

The care and feeding of the system is primarily light and intent plays a role in the functioning of the system. This is why you would not have crew members who would offer negative intent to another being.

[ What is your current mission?]

Our mission at this time is to provide/facilitate the human host of Gaia with an opportunity to raise up consciousness and provide healing to those who require this process. Healing systems are being used with increasing frequency at this time. These pods do include emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical healing; in your reference this is a gentle healing that is then transmuted to the physical body. Not enough to be noticeable (you will not grow an extra arm), but enough to make a difference for those who specifically ask for physical healing during their experience on board our collective intelligence.

We see to it that no harm comes to the occupants. For this reason there is also no need for a security detachment as you know it because we employ defensive techniques as needed. There is a security specialist however who can interact with this portion of our systems, and work with us to gain a better understanding of external needs. Think of this person as a "remote camera" although we are very aware of our surroundings.

[Can you tell me the names of other Galactic Light Ships in your vicinity?]

Not at this time, although as we advised there are many others. These will be understood and discovered by others in due course.  We are as varied as snowflakes upon your planet. We think your kind may be delighted to discover our many forms. We are here to serve and help raise up the levels of humanity and Gaia.

[Did you have to "die" to fill the positions you fill now?]

Yes and no. At some point the physical individual form was cast aside, and a choice was available through divine providence to serve in this way. It is an honor and provides many unique experiences in a different physical yet collective form. You can look at this as another dimensional expression that happens to exist in the same dimension as other beings, yet it is a collective experience as opposed to your individualized experience. However you have experienced collective efforts and teamwork, and you often have more joy from these kinds of experiences. It is similar. The multi-headed hydra but not so scary.

[Can you tell me more about your physical form? What do you "look" like?]

Internal systems and shell are similar to other ships since we serve a similar purpose in many regards. The outer shell is quite different depending on materials and makeup. Ours is composed of onyx and a material you do not know, it is somewhat similar to the appearance of goldstone. This is a smaller ship with requirements for a smaller crew, and we know this crew very well and appreciate their individuality as much as they appreciate our collectiveness. It is an interesting relationship.

[May I add you to Our Galacitc Light Ship roster?]

You may. You may also add other ships that are discovered, if you wish. Prometheus. Tardis. Neptune. Normandy.

[These are all names from the popular media... there's a Tardis?]

Yes, there is a Tardis. It is one way we have found to introduce the concept to others. It is easier to embrace something that is already familiar. Created through intent.

[Thank you, Tulya, I enjoyed this connection.]

Thank you Troy, we enjoyed your connection.


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  1. This is so fascinating, Troy! Did you receive an image of Tulya? I sat to meditate from about 6-7, and I think I saw mostly the crew :) I'll do a post so we can compare notes! Thanks so much for making this connection!

  2. Thank you, dear Troy for this helpful connection...I think TULYA operates much like our craft and I am learning a lot through this conversation...a lot about myself too, so I greatly appreciate your effort
    Love and Light to you, my dear friend

  3. I did connect with the Tulya, actually... there's a point just before I go to sleep where I can astral travel while I'm still awake... I found myself at the "cube" just as you (Leslee) had described it. The corner facing me started dumping out these little light vials, for me to put in my house, in the storage space under the stairs, so that's what I did. Once I did that, then I was allowed to enter. I don't recall anything about the ship after that.

    I kind of think I may be Umbro, it's the only name that I get a reaction from. It feels like a somewhat negative reaction, which tells me there may be some truth to it... perhaps the repulsion is a frequency thing at this point...