Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/24/2012: Manifesting Tulya

It is time for us to send a message to those who think they are in control. We ask for your help by participating in a visualization of manifestation. Your intent may take the following form:

A 3-dimensional crystalline shape, the form of a quartz crystal (trigonal). It should be 33 feet in length, by 9 feet in diameter. It should be found at 1,111 feet off the ground.

It should exist for 3 hours and 33 minutes beginning at 12:00 noon (your time) on March 24, 2012.

Please visualize this object (a real, physical thing) in an identifiable location, where many people congregate, such as the National Mall in Washington, DC, or the Vatican in Rome. It is your choice.

Please share your experiences using the keyword “Tulya”.

We thank you in advance for your help with this important mission.


The Lightworkers.



12:15 3/24/2012

1 comment:

  1. crystal uniform shape trigonal clear approaching appearing washington DC

    online at 1200 noon march 24 2012 your time in preparation for ascension

    manifesting light patterns internally

    clearing chemical agents and pollution surrounding DC leveraging cloudcover for this purpose

    acid rain neutralized

    identifying participants in tourism, festival [cherry blossom festival]

    charging light particles of rainbow hue for healing of atmosphere and surrounding vegetation

    Neutralizing / protecting effects from government atmospheric control patterns through electromagnetic pattern dispersal

    OcaTAwa online… Tulya online… Algiz Online… Aeterna online… Blaze online… Space Muffin online… Space Wave online… Chimera online… Slaycs online, attending defensive position

    Neptune online… providing defensive support as required

    There is now a time where crystalline structures manifest and come online to assist humanity in the 3-dimensional capacity of light matter.

    Manifesting crystalline form started at 12:00 EST at Washington, DC national mall and will stop at 3:33 hours past the start time at 3:33 pm EST.

    1111 feet above ground, we have already been noticed by a few, and noted by governmental agency. Aircraft dispatched to investigate.

    Position of cloud cover at this time is strategic/advantageous to current mission.

    connecting to supporting crystals of helper entities

    global crystalline matrix established

    wiring into human control matrix, coupling neurons and electrochemical systems

    Those humans sensitive to energetic systems will identify / see our auric patten in the sky.

    Thank you for creating this new control matrix, you are now connected to it in harmony with the old matrix yet hacked into control lines. Old world controlling systems and entities have been neutralized and disabled.

    Feel the energy of the matrix and be one, be at peace. Global peace is now.

    (Tulya crew, including Umbro, Manskez, Quimarn, they are grinning joyfully :-D )

    Umbro: thank you! We are manifested now in your realm and we are here to assist.