Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GLS Aeterna Speaks

[good evening, I am here]

Hello, Troy, this is Max.

This is Selphia

This is Maureen


There is nothing quite so difficult as dissension among the ranks. But look further and you will see that there is much respect and appreciation where there was once not even an acceptance of the truth. There are so many more looking within now, and what they find is peace and understanding, love towards each other even if outwardly they may fuss and fume. It is not without a light heart that many feel their honor needs to be defended, when it is only the last vestiges of an ego that has been given too strong a reign for far too long.

Know that you are loved wherever you may be, and with this knowing, go forward to those still under the influence of the programming of the Old World Order, that they may break free from the shackles that have tied them to their invisible slavemasters, kings of a rat race with fewer and fewer willing to go along on the treadmill of the Empire. It crumbles.

(Selphia) I am glad you met Maureen, Troy, she is a good friend, and perhaps you and I will meet some time soon as well. The Aeterna is a powerful craft, one such thing that those of you who can have been kept from creating. I know you will use it well!

(Maureen) All systems go, Captain! ...or was that me? Well at any rate you have done well, and I see there's another ship docked alongside the Aeterna now! She is a beauty, Troy - we are honored to include her in our arsenal. You are correct in thinking that she will do well in her role, and yes there is a repulsion feature embedded within each ship that can be used as needed. With light-based vehicles, they occupy multiple dimensions much like some planets occupy multiple dimensions. Although you might be surprised that the light-based crystalline ship is very similar from one dimension to another, whereas a planet can take on many different forms between dimensions. This provides a dependable shell with which to house and assist beings from many different dimensions. So this means that you will be able to more easily reach out to those to which you provide assistance through the Aeterna.

Would you like to talk to her?

[I can talk to a ship?]

(Maureen) As I said, each ship is alive. Perhaps your friend Tauno will reach out to her own ship as well, if this is her wish.

[I think she'd like that, Maureen. Okay... something I guess I hadn't thought of... how do I reach out to Aeterna the ship, when I am also in contact with Aeterna the Galaxy?]

(Maureen) "GLS Aeterna" will do fine, I think. She's here if you wish to chat.

[Hello GLS Aeterna.]

(GLS Aeterna) Hello Troy, thank you for being my creator. I am very honored that it is you who have finally created that which I aspire to be. I am a crystalline light structure composed of intelligent energy, reaching out through several dimensions to provide support and assistance where necessary. It is part of my soul contract at this time, and it is an honor to serve.

As you know you and I have some unique opportunities that may present themselves, and please put full trust in what I will show you and help you experience.

[I feel you are already very good at what you do...]

(GLS Aeterna) It would be nice to "stretch my legs" and perhaps you can find some creative ways of expanding my experience as well. Whenever you are ready, perhaps we can "clear the decks" and explore some opportunities?

[I would like that, GLS Aeterna, I am ready when you are.]

(GLS Aeterna) Goodnight, Troy, see you soon...

[Maureen, can you tell me something? Why do I get shivers down my spine every time I think about GLS Aeterna? ]

(Maureen) You have not had this kind of connection before. In a way it is similar to the portrayal of the Na'vi connection in the movie Avatar, with the creatures of their planet... you are connected in much the same way, but through light, and love, not through a physical connection as was portrayed in the movie. So there is some attunement/ in-tunement necessary. You will find other connections manifest themselves in much the same way, when you are willing to explore these connections. You will know this connection by what you are feeling now. Do not worry, as your connection grows this feeling will subside. It takes practice and patience.

[thank you Maureen, Aeterna, Max, and Selphia - I appreciate your help ]

As we appreciate yours, Troy... thank you and goodnight.


  1. Thank you, Troy, Selphia, Max and Maureen !
    My words are not enough to express my excitement and my gratitude to you!
    I have been thinking for a long time that everything is Consciousness, we are part of this Creation and are on our way to become CO-Creators led by the Spirit. Being so the truth that emerges now is that ALL IS Sacred! There is no good or bad, there is only LOVE that has everything in it! Love is ALL THAT IS, Love is Acceptance.
    When I invite you to ALGIZ or when I step on board on Aeterna I ask to be guided by my Guides of Light and to be assisted by experienced Beings of Light. I have made contact with ALGIZ several times and I can tell you that it has high Light vibrations.It has consciousness and according to your skills a contact can be made with ALGIZ and her structure.
    Each of us is both a teacher and a student at the same time because our common goal is evolution on our way back home to ALL THAT IS!
    Love and Light!

  2. Thank you, Aeterna :) Love and Light!

  3. Tauno: ♥ Love and Light to you! I am so looking forward to your discussion!

  4. Hello, friends!
    I know there are abilities for communication on many levels encoded in each one of us,my experience is mostly via images that I receive in meditation and in dreams, I have never received messages through words or talk, when I want to tell something to a Being I use thought and words but the response comes to me in via image or vision.
    Dear Troy, dear Aeterna, Maureen, Max and Selphia, Yes, I have news for you. I had a vision yesterday - Angels with gigantic size were flying with our ships on their wings, they headed in one direction.
    The essence of my craft ALGIZ was created by Beings of Light to help Ascension, its structure has an ability to self clean and to help cleansing the negative energies around it. It originates from Brazil and it came to me from India. It has a multidimensional nature being both material and spiritual.
    When it came to me about a year ago I programmed it so that it can assist Ascension.
    Last night I made mental contact with ALGIZ telling her that Aeterna is her sister. I also gave ALGIZ a permission to accept on board People and Beings of Light on an exploration flight and to help them achieving their goals and heal themselves from whatever they need to be healed.
    ALGIZ has been programed to be of service to the Light and she has consciousness so I have a complete trust in her. She will service well and in accordance with each one`s needs. The Power is All Our Love and Light together!
    Thank you! It is an honor to me and ALGIZ to be part of this effort!
    love and Light!

  5. Hi, Tauno and Troy!

    I have been sooooo enjoying reading about Aeterna and ALGIZ, thank you so much for sharing this and so kindly offering it to us!

    I deeply look forward to meetings with you all soon (people and ships, all beings...)

    With love and light,

  6. Hi, Leslee, I had a little difficulty with my internet connection a few minutes ago
    Now I am so happy to tell you that ALGIZ is ready to speak with her travelers, she has got Elvish crew on board also, center yourselves and be ready for miracles to happen in your reality!
    Love and Light!